Providence runs much under ground

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Puritanboard Amanuensis
Thomas Boston, Works, 2:346:

Thy condition, whatever it is, is for God’s honour; for it is ordered by him who does all for that end, and cannot fail of his design. Though thou dost not see how it is so, thou mayest believe that it is so, upon this ground. Providence runs much under ground, so as weak man cannot see how the means answer the end: but God sees it, and that is enough. This is a contenting consideration to a gracious soul, that will be pleased with that which may glorify God, Phil. 1:20.
Providence is often un-noticed

Take for example the demise of Korah with the earth swallowing him up... and several chapters later it says 'not all the sons of Korah died'
In the providence of God they became a rather large range of things... Samuel, advisors to David, people who fought along side of David, the bouncers of the temple/gatekeeper/ psalm writers 'the son's of Korah' and the depressed percussionist 'Asaph' also a Psalm writer and part of a group meant to sing before the ark. The sons of Korah show there is praise beyond the grave to the glory of God.

Take as another example the largest church in the mid east, the garbage collector church in Cairo. Can't even build or repair a chuirch but they had massive caves on their property whit seat many thousands. God's power is best seen in weakness and no one knows the end of what He's been up to in History till He shows us someday

that's hidden providence and only a very small glimpse
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