Psalm 2

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I have been deeply drawn to psalmody, whether that be metrical or chant or simply playing contemplative music behind the reading of the Psalm. It inspired me to create my own metrical version of Psalm 2 in the common meter for fun and for my own private worship. It is a small thing, and it is no where near the sort of the 1650 Scottish Psalter whose authors translated it from the original vernacular, conveying the meaning and retaining the Hebraism of the text. Please tell me what you think? I prefer this to the tune of Westminster (Turle).

Psalm 2

The nations rage, the peoples plot,
But why do they in vain?
Their earthly kings do set themselves,
Their rulers counsel frame,

Against the Lord, against his Christ,
Saying to each one thus,
“Let us their bonds burst free and we
Cast off their cords from us.”

But he that sits in heaven laughs;
He mocks them in contempt.
Then he will speak to them in wrath,
In fearful fury bent,

“As for me, I’ve set my King on
Zion, my holy hill.”
Now, I will tell of the decree:
The Lord said further still,

“You are my Son; this day I have
Truly begotten you.
Ask me for your inheritance
The nations, I will do;

Yes, from one end to the other,
It is yours to possess.
You’ll break them with an iron rod,
You’ll dash them to pieces

Like a potter’s hand-made vessel.
Now, listen, all who reign:
Be wise, O earthly kings; be warned
O rulers, and refrain.

Serve God with fear and reverence,
Rejoice with trembling.
Come, kiss the Son, or he will be
In anger frightening,

And you’ll perish in the way, for
His wrath kindles quickly.
But blessed are all who in him take
For refuge and safety.
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