Psalm 67 (I)

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To the chief Musician on Neginoth,
A Psalm or Song.

Here we have, (1.) David's prayer for the church of Israel, ver. 1. (2.) His supplication for the comforting, and praise-producing spread of the gospel among the Gentiles, ver. 2-5. (3.) His believing prospect of the divine blessings, and true piety, which should attend the same, ver.6-7.

While I sing, let me request the salvation of Israel. Let me supplicate the gathering of the nations to Shiloh. Let me praise the Lord, that already this great work is begun; and that the Lord, who is mighty, shall finish it in his time.
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Psalm 67(I):1-7

Tune: Zenka (SM) - attached

1 Lord, bless and pity us,
shine on us with thy face:
2 That th' earth thy way, and nations all
may know thy saving grace.

3 Let people praise thee, Lord;
let people all thee praise.
4 O let the nations be glad,
in songs their voices raise:

Thou'lt justly people judge,
on earth rule nations all.
5 Let people praise thee, Lord; let them
praise thee, both great and small.

6 The earth her fruit shall yield,
our God shall blessing send.
7 God shall us bless; men shall him fear
unto earth's utmost end.

-- Scottish Metrical Psalter

Note: Psalm 67 has been called "The Missionary Psalm". The tune "Zenka" was composed during the 1950's for a mission in Africa.
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