Psalter Authorship

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The Psalms of David are rightly so ascribed in terms of authorship. They are even more rightly ascribed to the authorship of the Holy Spirit, who indited the words.

However, it is interesting to consider that the work of the Holy Spirit in creating the Psalms was not limited just to David. The list of identified psalmists includes the following:

- David wrote 85 Psalms (Vulgate), or 73 (Masoretic)... groups 3-41, 51-57, 108-110, 138-145, and the 86, 101, 103, 122, 124, 131, 133.
- Moses: Psalm 90, the shortness and miseries of the days of man.
- Solomon: Psalms 72 and 127, the King and the family.
- Jeremiah: Psalm 137 of the captivity.
- Zechariah: Psalm 147, reconstruction of Jerusalem.
- Asaph: 12 Psalms, 50 and 73-83.
- The sons of Korah: 11 Psalms, 42-49 and 84-87.
- Heman: Psalm 88, one of the most sorrowful of the Psalms.
- Ethan: The next, Psalm 89, very joyful.
- Haggai: Psalm 112, like Psalm 1, but larger.
- Anonymous: The other 50.

Note this list is not definitive or dogmatic and open to correction. But it is offered for consideration, comments, and edification.
I'd like to highlight, because of the current discussion on the song of Moses found in Exodus 15, that a psalm of Moses is found in the Psalter (Psalm 90).
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