Question on RCC infant baptism

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All seven pages worth; so, maybe less need to run that length again I hope.
Indeed. It will not come to that
if I have any say in the matter.

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I should have read that thread that was referred earlier. Simple logic, in my opinion.

The only thing I would suggest on the side of those that accept RCC baptism based on the obvious, we could discuss how we are to make sure that the flood gates are not open to every Tom, Dick and Harry that attempts to justify baptizing whomever.


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The responses here have not disappointed; very thorough indeed. To the board, I apologize for posting a topic in which has already been discussed at length. I'm still discovering the ins and outs on here and will first attempt to utilize the search function in the future before posting.

One thing that has fascinated me is the differing opinion between north and south Presbyterians. The cultural and population demographic aspects surely do play a role. It was my assumption that the denominational hierarchy/ polity would have a definitive mandate on what is acceptable.


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As to the North vs. South question, isn't it the case that the Old School Presbyterians rejected RC baptism at the GA level before the split?


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Indeed not. That was one of the most frustrating threads I have ever participated in. :banghead::banghead:

Here, at the PB, we strive to keep our ministers from unwarranted head-banging, pretzel-bending, and other generally unsafe practices, Lane! Additionally, with Patrick at the gate with his big whoopin' stick :deadhorse:further need for anything stronger than a Tylenol should be wholly unnecessary.......
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