Quick Puritan Editing/Publishing Trick.

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I came across a Word trick that may be especially helpful to those editing Puritan books. Those who have attempted to do so know all too well how much of the texts are littered with abnormal capital letters through out the text. Upon searching for a solution to pinpoint these capital letters, I came across a pretty good solution. Instead of just highlighting the capital, it does highlight the entire word, but it still lets you see them without having to strain your eyes to find every instance. So, hopefully it can be useful to anybody who may not know it.


Will highlight them like this:

trick 2.jpg

And if you want to keep track of your edits, you can switch the highlight color, and when you select the text, just choose "lowercase" and the new highlight color.

trick 4.jpg

And when you are done, you can just "Select All," "Highlight All," "Select All," "Unhighlight All."
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