Ralph Erskine on Christ our mercy seat

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... Here it is, that mercy and justice meet together. They meet together in him, as a ransom, Job 33.24. Deliver his soul from going down to the pit; I have found a ransom. In a word they have met together, and kissed one another in a crucified Christ, whose death was the payment of our debt, the punishment of our sin, the price of our redemption, and a purchase of our life, liberty and eternal salvation. Here is the meeting-place then of these glorious perfections of God; here is the person in whom they centre, that they may be all glorified to the highest: Mercy, truth, righteousness and peace, all are pleased. Mercy is gratified, and constitutes him to be the mercy-seat; truth is satisfied, and centers in him as the way, the truth and the life; righteousness is contented, and declares him to be the Lord our righteousness; peace is pacified, & proclaims him to be the prince of peace.

Yea, not only are all the members of the meeting pleased and satisfied for themselves, in the advancement of their own particular interest, but they are infinitely well pleased in each other, and that the interests of their seemingly opposite parties are advanced, as well as their own particular claims: Mercy is pleased that truth hath got all its demands, and truth is pleased that mercy hath got all her desire, and righteousness is pleased that peace is proclaimed, and peace is pleased that righteousness is honoured. Mercy and peace rejoice that they are magnified to the infinite glory of truth and righteousness, and truth and righteousness rejoice that they are glorified to the infinite pleasure of mercy and peace: and hence they not only meet together, but kiss one another. ...

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