Reading through Matthew Henry

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Adam Olive

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Does anyone know of any good tools or schedules for reading through Matthew Henry's commentary?

Ask Mr. Religion

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2064 pages/365 days = about 6 pages per day to complete in one year. ;)

You could also adapt the plan by just using one of the Bible reading plans since Henry's commentary normally includes the bible texts in the unabridged version, as in M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan Using Matthew Henry's Unabridged Commentary.


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I've got the 5,632-page edition (the 5-volume, 2-columns-per-page Hendrickson set), so that works out to about 15 pages per day. About 8 pages per day if you take two years to read it.

You must have the dinky-print edition, Patrick.


Tempus faciendi, Domine.
Don't think anyone has ever published MH in ten volumes. That would be nice.

There is a forum on Facebook called the Matthew Henry Commentary Challenge. It was started by former PBer Andrew Myers, and under the Files section there is a PDF of a reading plan, if you care to consult that.

Josh Williamson

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I've thought about reading through Henry in a year, but I think the amount of reading would be quite high. Perhaps a two or three year plan would be best?
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