Rebuking demons aloud

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Did you ever read Augustine’s remarks on flatulence? He claimed there was a man who could play musical tunes with his arse. Very funny bit.


And therefore man himself also might very well have enjoyed absolute power over his members had he not forfeited it by his disobedience; for it is not difficult for God to form him so that what is now moved in his body only by lust should have been moved only at will.

We know, too, that some men are differently constituted from others, and have some rare and remarkable faculty of doing with their body what other men can by no effort do, and, indeed, scarcely believe when they hear of others doing....Some have such command of their bowels, that they can break wind continuously at pleasure, so as to produce the effect of singing.

-Augustine, City of God, p.472 (14.24)

Augustine really is just a classier version of Martin Luther.

Jeri Tanner

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I have some reading to suggest:
Satan Cast Out, by Frederick S. Leahy (considered the standard modern Reformed work on the topic, available on Amazon)

William Perkins, Treatise on the Damned Art of Witchcraft
Nathaniel Holmes on Demonology and Theology. Both can be found at

I think you’ll get a pretty solid biblical view from those works.

Mr. Bultitude

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I agree with Jack on talking to demons, and while I don't think Grudem's charismatic theology discredits him I do think it makes it likely he's barking up the wrong tree. I'd rather read someone else on the topic of deliverance or spiritual warfare, which is a topic I have not read near as much as I'd like. I'm hoping sometime to delve into Clinton Arnold's books (I don't know if he's charismatic or not but I've seen his books recommended right here on PB) and some others. Beeke's Fighting Satan is also one I've seen recommended, as well as Frederick Leahy's Satan Cast Out.
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