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Hello all,
Like many of us here, I go to work in the morning and come home in the evening (God willing). During the thirty minute ride, I have an mp3 player that I use that is filled with nothing but sermons. I do not listen to much music in the car, just sermons. Washer, Baucham, Beeke, Ravenhill, Lloyd-Jones, etc. Would any of you kind brothers and sisters have recommended sermons that I might purpose to download? Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Alistair Begg is an excellent expositor. You can get his podcasts through iTunes, or check out

Jack K

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Washer, Baucham, Beeke, Ravenhill, Lloyd-Jones
If you like the content and style of those guys, I recommend (1) Art Azurdia and (2) Tod Magstadt's readings of Spurgeon (under the CloudAudio brand).

Although not quite in the same theological vein, I am also usually enriched by anything from D.A. Carson or Mike Reeves, as well as several others who've already been mentioned here and need not be repeated. One of my favorite not-yet-mentioned sites for links to sermons is Faith By Hearing. It's not as active now as it used to be, but the archives will keep you busy for many drives.

I go through 3 or 4 audio sermons a week, so I too need variety.

The Calvinist Cop

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Christian Contentment - Part 1 -

Christian Contentment - Part 2 -

This is Richard Caldwell Jr. from my church here in Texas.... these two sermons on Christian contentment changed me! We are so very blessed! We just need to be reminded....very convicting, comforting, and life changing :)
Definitely Richard Caldwell, also try:
Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 1
Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 1
RC Sproul at Reformed Theology from R.C. Sproul: Ligonier Ministries
And Lakeside Bible Church / Welcome, I like how Ken Ramey and Adam Tyson teach.

In Christ


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Sinclair Ferguson has to be one of the most solid preachers in the pulpit today.

Here are sermons from someone not as well known: the pastor at Redeemer OPC near Atlanta pastored the church my daughter attended in college. He has a series on 1 Peter that has been very helpful and reflects a very able hand with the text.

Don Kistler

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I can recommend no one higher than Eric Alexander of Scotland. His son has put up a website with many of his sermons on it.

John R. deWitt is another brilliant preacher.

John MacArthur has made 43 years of sermons available for free download on his church's website. That ought to keep you busy for awhile! :eek:)


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I have queued all of your suggestions --- this kind of stuff I get excited about! I am looking forward to hearing these. Thank ya'll for such a response.


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John J. Murray who is "deep theology" if you read theology for "fun" this man is right up your street. Getting on in years, but more active than ever.
Maurice Roberts at sermonaudio in addition to the above

My own Minister recently preached a great sermon on "What is Holiness?" which I found really profitable.
What is holiness?

4 men in Scotland worth hearing
William MacLeod, Knightswood Free Church
Andrew Quigley, Airdrie RP
Kenny Stewart, Glasgow RP [Formerly of Dowanvale]
Gavin Beers, Ayr Free Church


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Doxology Press has the following theologians and their works free to download HERE

They are all in mp3 format and electronic voice.

John Calvin's Institutes of The Christian Religion
The Works of Jonathan Edwards
The Works of John Owen
Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology


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sermonaudio has been a great place for me. I've been listening to Joe Morecraft III for the past couple of months on my iPhone. I highly recommend it. Also, he preached on all 66 books of the Bible, and it's a great resource to listen to right before you start reading that particular book.


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I am not real good at posting links, but look on for Dr. Joe Morecraft. He has 55 part series on the history of the reformation, it is extremely good so far, I am on #14.

I have an hour ride to work each way, it has been a real blessing to me.
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