Reformed Works Against Baptismal Regeneration?

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Does anyone know where I can find any Reformed writings against baptismal regeneration (preferably from someone more in the tradition of Reformed Scholasticism)? I only have the first 2 volumes of Turretin's Institutes; does he set forth any arguments against baptismal regeneration in his third volume? I've seen quotes of John Gill and Owen boldly speaking out against it, but can anyone point me to any of their works where they set forth actual arguments against it? Thanks!

Edit: Also, preferably, is there any against the Lutheran or even Anglican understanding of baptismal regeneration in particular as opposed to the Catholic conception?

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The critiques I have seen were pretty concise. Remembering where I saw them is the more difficult part. I'm certain that Sharpe had one under the head of baptismal efficacy, and J.H. Heidegger criticized Davenant's scheme for regeneration by name. Ames also wrote on baptismal efficacy in Bellarminus Enervatus. Beyond that my memory fails me. The critiques I've read tended to group Romanist and Lutheran doctrines together, which is fine by me.

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Here are some recent debates between Gavin Ortlund and Jordan Cooper (Lutheran and articulates the historic Lutheran view well):

Part 1:

Part 2:

It's also worth watching their response videos to each other:

Obviously, I diverge with Ortlund on his doctrine of baptism, being that he is a Credo Baptist. Though, I do appreciate his work in theological retrieval.
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