Regards from the Reformed Puritan Church of Brazil

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Hello, my name is Henry, I am still learning the English language, so, my apologies for possible mistakes. I live in São Paulo - São Paulo (Brazil) and I am member of a reformed presb. church who holds the whole and original WFC and RPW (exclusive and acapella psalm singing, no collect during Service, headcovering, etc). I am trying to leave facebook in favor of a more godly network, I think this one would be great, and I thank very much the adms for approving my profile this time :pilgrim:
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Hi Henry,
Welcome to Puritanboard. :)
Judging by your post, You'll be right at home here.


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Welcome! You do not have to leave FB for us here at PB. ;) I usually visit here first in the morning and many times last at night because there is no more godly place which is serious about our confessions to be found on the web.
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