Rend the heavens Thou Prince of Glory

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Stephen L Smith

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Rend the heavens Thou Prince of Glory,
Melt the mountains with Thy grace;
Pour Thy presence, show Thy mercy
And the radiance of Thy face.
We believe that Thou art able
In Thy greatness and Thy love;
Make the nations fear and tremble,
As Thou comest from above.

Rend our hearts in sorrow sighing,
Stir our souls to seek for Thee;
Turn Thy wrath and meet our crying;
Help us from our sin to flee.
There is none that seeketh rightly,
Yet, O Father, we are Thine;
Come, O come, revive us quickly –
Make our hearts to Thee incline.

Cause us now Thy way to cherish,
And Thy righteousness to hold;
Hear our plea, Lord, else we perish!
Call and bring us to Thy fold.
None hath seen so dear a Saviour;
None hath heard so sweet a sound
As the name of our Redeemer:
May His praises now abound.

Thou dost meet the heart that seeks Thee,
Righteousness His robe and joy;
Thou delightest in Thy mercy
When our souls Thy grace employ.
Since the world began its journey
Eye and ear have never seen,
All the wonders of the glory
God provides, beyond our dream.

Lord the sight of our condition,
Degradation is our way;
Filthy garments our destruction,
Sin would hold its evil sway.
Like a faded leaf we wither,
Causèd by the wind to fly:
Brief our life and we can never
Stay the hand that bids us die.

Cause us now to call upon Thee,
Call upon the Name of Names;
Stir our hearts to gaze at Calvary,
There behold reviving flames.
Holy gates of Zion City,
Now let Israel see Thy face,
For the God of might and glory
Dwells within Thy holy place.

By the beloved Welsh poet Vernon Higham
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