Repetition in Prayers

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Puritan Board Freshman
I like to write my prayers on the computer because I write better than I talk and can be more precise in my requests, repentance s and other items I bring before the Lord. I keep these prayers and bring them out for certain circumstances and pray them over again. Because they are heartfelt and pertinent I don't feel I am praying by rote because they still resonate in my heart. There are of course, events that have come and gone and the prayers I have written on their behalf are never used again.
I am making categories for these prayers to be called up when necessary:
  • Prayers before bible study
  • Prayers before meals
  • Prayers of Repentance (inserting actual sins)
  • Prayers of Requests
  • Prayers of Thankfulness
The titles of these prayers vary greatly, some are private for my eyes only and some are a little less personal. Some are even rants during my wilderness days.
Why am I sharing this you might ask? Because it keeps me on track in prayer. No mumbling, no wondering where to start. I love it and I think the Lord has accepted them because they are heartfelt and earnest. So, if you are grappling with what to say in prayer this is a good way to express yourself before the Lord.
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