Republished Calvin's Sermons on Psalm 46

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Technically it is two sermons on Psalm 46 and one on Psalm 48, but the history of these sermons is truly remarkable:

In 1560 the city of Geneva was alarmed that the city would soon be under attack by her enemies, soldiers were being amassed and the people were in turmoil. Calvin broke from his regular series of preaching to encourage his congregation to trust in God as their refuge, that though the heathen rage and kingdoms are moved, when God lifts his voice, the earth melts. This truly was no theoretical or ivory tower preaching, but sound, practical application of God's word in very real danger.

Yet the sermons have never been republished since the first English translation in 1562, and for a long time the original manuscripts were believed to have been lost (the first sermon still only exists in the form of this English translation). I am very happy to announce that they are available once again and in a very consumable format (kindle or PDF). The English is very readable, easier than the King James, and the content is so rich.

I'm putting links on my site and making the PDF available for free. However, since my wife and I were the ones putting dozens of hours into typing up, standardizing the spelling and punctuation, and proofing them, then I think it's only fair that I be allowed to make a stipulation about this free PDF: if you download it, then this constitutes a promise to actually read it, not simply add it to a collection. With that said, enjoy!
Going to highlight this again, as I think it's pretty exciting and I hope others do too.
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