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Howdy All!
First time posting a new thread (so please forgive me if misplaced or mislabeled) but I was hoping to pick some brains. I am interested in doing some more reading on prayer, but more specifically the place and importance of thanksgiving in prayer. To my understanding, thanksgiving is a natural fruit of genuine salvation and could be considered as an evidence of salvation. I was hoping someone might know of a good article, post or book that digs into this subject deeper. If anyone suggests Dutch Sheets, I'm going to cry. Hoping for something from a solid reformed source whether they be past or present. Thanks in advance for any help you might give!

C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Real Thankfulness – by Simeon Ashe (d. 1662)

The Spirit of Prayer – by Nathaniel Vincent (1639-1697) (One of the most highly praised puritan works on prayer, quoted by many puritans.)

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