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Discussion in 'Preaching' started by thistle93, May 22, 2012.

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  1. thistle93

    thistle93 Puritan Board Freshman

    Hi! I feel that the weakest parts of my sermons tends to usually be the closings. Usually introduction and main body of sermon tend to go well and clear but I often feel my conclusions are lacking a bit and tend to fall short. Any books that you would recommend that touch on closing a sermon well? Articles welcomed as well. Also personal advise welcomed. Thank you!

    For His Glory-
  2. bug

    bug Puritan Board Freshman

    Christ centred preaching - Bryan Chapel is a good place to start.

    Usually people think they have to say more in conclusion then the actually do! Less is often more in my experience. I often finish with a short pray - only a sentence or so, asking the Lord to help us apply what we have heard. Sometimes I finish with a question for people to think on after the event - alternatively i let the word of God have the last word, i might close by simply repeating the text I was preaching.
  3. J. Dean

    J. Dean Puritan Board Junior

    I really wish more preachers would follow this. Not that a long sermon in and of itself is necessarily bad, but extra length just for the sake of extra length hurts the message more than helps it.
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