Retirement of the Post Thanks System - Added Helpful Posts Feature

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I think I'll move the thumb below the Signature.

I wondered where the big green thumb had gone, and went searching for this thread to see if there was an update. I see now that it just moved and changed colors.

So a green thumb to the original thread post, and a white one for the more recent post.

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The code author agreed to add names of who found a post helpful. Don't know when that will be coded but that'll be great!


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Now, all we need is the "hack" that gives us our thanks total under the old system.:)


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No kidding - I had hoped we could translate our 'thanks' into points to be spent at the PB online store (closed Sundays) on things like 'Mournful Oatmeal (Calvinism in a Box) Breakfast Cereal' and "Frozen Chosen on Board" window sticky things.

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