Rich New Co-Owner of the Puritanboard

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I think for the time being I am doubly blessed. For Rich is currently my Sunday school teacher. And if my opinion counts at all, we enjoy learning from him and his wife. Knowing that he is partial "BIG CHEESE" here is good to know.



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Rich, you are actually one of the reasons why I frequent this board. I find your posts filled with grace and filled with love for the truth. And I like your sense of humor as well!

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I, too, am touched by all of your remarks! I think very highly of my husband and see such wisdom and godliness in him. It is nice to hear others express similar thoughts and feelings.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging his efforts in serving this board!!! May God be glorified in all of it!


Rich, if you ever want to sell your half I will give you Vermont, Connecticut and Oriental Avenues with 2 Hotels and Kentucky Ave (unimproved). Think about it. :D


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Dear Friends,

As you know the Puritanboard has changed hands in certain instances pertaining to ownership. Up until today, I was the sole owner of the board. However, to keep a perspective that encompasses more than one view in terms of "what's good for the board", and for the exemplary conduct and help that Rich has given as a result of not only moderating on the board, but being the "webmaster par excellance" of the board, I've invited him to be a co-owner of the board. He has put so much into the board overall, that having him as a co-owner is a blessing in and of itself.

Rich, thanks for all your help, and I hope that in future years Christ will be glorified by your continued excellence in both decisions surrounding the board, as well as all those great "upgrades" we keep seeing. All these things continue to make the Puritanboard "the Reformed" chatboard on the net, and someplace that is glorifying to God.

Blessings! :amen:
Thank you so much!


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Congratulations, Rich! I echo all of the kudos that have been flung your way in each of the above posts!

(I do confess to this: when I first saw the title of the thread, my immediate thought was, oh, has Donald Trump or Rupert Murdoch taken over here?!? :confused: :duh: :D I momentarily failed to remember the man who has so kindly and compassionately reminded me of the rules about posting, etc. This was capitally stupid of me as my own husband's name is Rich... :doh:)

Carry on. And once again, a hearty congratulations! This new assignment bodes very well, indeed, for the future maintenance of the tone, tempo and character of the PB that we've come to expect!



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Belated congratulations are fine; but just a note that this occurred in August 2007.;) Not sure why the thread was still open for posting.
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