Rick Warren Re-Defining Church Order?

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Puritan Board Junior
Was anyone aware that churches involved with Purpose are aggressively recruited; many are enrolled in the Purpose curriculum and mentor other churches?

Here is the registry (see Michigan for the Reformed):

On-going, aggressive campaigns, globally, seek to enlist all Christian (?) churches to be Purpose Driven.

Rick Warren says this about church health:

...\" It´s the natural tendency of leaders to emphasize what they feel strongly about and neglect whatever they feel less passionate about. Around the world you can find churches that have become the extension of their pastor´s giftedness. They focus only on what he cares about most.

Unless you set up a system and structure to intentionally balance the five purposes, your church will tend to overemphasize the purpose that best expresses the gifts and passion of its pastor.

Healthy churches are built on purpose! By focusing equally on all five of the New Testament purposes of the church, your church will develop the healthy balance that makes lasting growth possible.\"



Pastors, do you think Rick Warren is a wolf out to get your flock by "re-inventing" church government? What damage is this doing?


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