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I have seen that Rosetta Stone offers Greek and Hebrew lessons. Does anyone know if they are any good? RS is very expensive and if I decide to buy those, I don't want to be disappointed.
Do remember than Biblical Hebrew and Greek are different from the modern languages.

I don't have experience but, I have heard that you have to know all the grammar beforehand.
Ive used Rosetta Stone for Turkish and it will teach you tourist language abilities: how to ask for food, toilet, costs, please, thank you, etc. It does that well enough, although it is costly!

If you are wanting to study the biblical languages for biblical studies though, I fear you may be sadly disappointed. Modern Greek is different than Koine, and although I don't know definitely, I would assume Hebrew is the same.

Machen's New Testament Greek for Beginners is a classic on the subject, and can probably be picked up used for a reasonable price; I got mine at Half Price Books for 2 dollars or so a good many years ago. I don't know of any interactive, multi-media series for Koine Greek, but I'm sure some of the other language scholars can help further with recommendations.
Assimil has an "ancient" greek course. Much more affordable than RS for sure.
Please excuse me for my suggestion above. The Assimil "Ancient Greek" course is only available through French.
Rosetta stone is wonderful though the modern vs ancient would be a problem. It's addicting. I took 5 months, not full time, to get through 2 discs of French. Thereafter I could play French scripture cassettes, familiar NT stories, and understand. That enabled me to spend hours and hours listening during commutes and housework, absorbing an understanding of the language effortlessly.
As regard Hebrew, I'd suggest materials put out by the Jewish community to teach their children. I found a lot of delightful resources in a Jewish book store in Chicago. One of my favorites was "Hebrew through pictures."
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