Rule of Reform of otherwise true churches: purge out the old leaven; not separation

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    From a title that needs to be redone (there is only the one edition from 1654) For the time it is noted as exceptionally clear and well done. James Wood was a Scottish Presbyterian and colleague of Rutherford's, though fallen out for a time due to the Protester Resolutioner schism till their deaths. "It is admirably clear. Evidently well-read in the great theologians of the past, — knowing his subject thoroughly, and never for a moment letting the point in hand out of his sight or out of his grip, with a certain ring of power in his expressions,—it seems to me that James Wood ranks among our ablest men.—-James Walker, D.D."

    Separatists say, whatever is not warranted by the Word is an Idol (therefore it must be separated from, 2 Cor. 6:17).
    Presbyterians answer: “We shall not deny but that whatsoever is practiced in the Worship of God, or set up as an Ordinance without God’s warrant in his Word, may be comprehended under Idolatry, taking idolatry in a large sense, but that everything set up or practiced in the Worship of God or in Ordinances is such idolatry as is ground sufficient to separate from a Church wherein it is practiced, as no true Church, is a conceit in itself without warrant of the Word, nay directly contrary to the allowed practice of God’s People in the Word, both in Old and New Testament.”
    “Yet this we affirm, that albeit there be in Churches, corruptions, not only in the conversations of many persons, but also in some things in the Worship and Ordinances, yet if they be not such corruptions as evert and destroy the foundation and substance of Religion: But there is therein, the substance of the Gospel orthodoxly preached, the Sacraments for their substantials agreeable to their institution, the way to be kept is, purge out the old leaven. And there is neither in Old nor in New Testament, warrant for separating from, or pulling down and rooting up such Churches.”​
    James Wood, A Little Stone Pretended to be out of the Mountain, Tried and found to be a Counterfeit. or an Examination and Refutation of Mr. Lockyer’s Lecture, Preached at Edinburgh, Anno 1651. Concerning the Matter of the Visible Church (Edinburgh, Andro Andrews: 1654), 341–342, 344–345.
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    Did a picture of James Wood survive? There seems to be nothing on Google.
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    I don't think so. I can ask around. I've had in mind the Little Stone project for I guess 33 years now since getting a copy from David Lachman in 1986. I'm thinking it will be the polity volume for 2020-21 if the NPSE series doesn't fold up after this launch year attempt.
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