Ruth study guide recommendations?

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Mr. Bultitude

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I'm leading a small group at my college fellowship group which is going through Ruth. There will be at least one, probably two or three, other small groups doing the same thing, and it's my job to come up with or find discussion questions. (Not necessarily to be followed to the letter, but just to ease the leader's preparation process). I've looked in the usual places, LifeGuide and the like, but haven't found anything for Ruth. I don't think I have the time to come up with all my own questions (and my experience is that small groups are smoother and more impactful if I use questions already drawn up by some study guide author than if I try to divine my own). Do you have any experience with study guides for the book of Ruth?

Jack K

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Ruth: Love Redefined is a good study that's Christ-focused, practical, and embraces the doctrines of grace. The lessons are written as if everyone in the group is going through the study manual, but I'm sure you could "glean" some good questions from the leader's guide.


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A number of years ago I did a series of studies on Ruth and found David Atkinson's "the Message of Ruth" in the bible speaks today series. I found this quite a good book.
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