Samuel Bolton on feeding on Christ in the Lord’s Supper

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
... But the matter of the Sacrament indeed, and that whereon we are chiefly to feed, is Christ himself. Christ as he is laid out unto us in his death and sufferings, whereon feeding, we get spiritual nourishment for grace, and death of sin. The blood of Christ, like the waters appointed for the trial of jealousy, hath a double property, to kill and to make fruitful; to kill our sins, and make our graces grow; to rot our sins, and ripen our grace.

Well then, remember that the great dish thou feedest on at this Feast, be Christ himself. Thou canst not feed upon a promise, until thou first feed upon Christ; he doth not only give us title and interest in them, but appetite to them. If thou feed on him, thy stomach will be quicker to feed on them; nay, if thou feed on him, thou feedest on all the promises, and hast an interest in all the good of them, the sweet of all the promises is tasted in Christ. All the promises are folded up in Christ, and thou canst not feed on him, but thou feedest on all, and hast the blessing of every one in particular. The promises of justification, sanctification, subduing of corruptions, increase of grace, upholding in grace, interest in glory, they are all of them folded up in Christ, he is all. ...

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