Samuel Miller: Is Rome the Catholic Church?

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
It is well known, indeed, that the blinded and superstitious followers of the Bishop of Rome claim the title of Catholic, as exclusively applicable to themselves. In their own estimation, they are the Church, the only true Church, the Catholic, or universal Church; and all the other classes of nominal Christians, throughout the world, are heretics, out of the way of salvation. This claim, however, in the estimation of all enlightened Christians, is as presumptuous as it is vain. That department of nominal Christendom, instead of being the only true Church, is considered by many as too far gone in corruption to be comprehended under the Christian name at all; and instead of there being no salvation out of her communion, the danger of eternal perdition is rather to those who are found within her pale.

It is not doubted, indeed, that there are many pious individuals within that pale; but it is believed that they are placed in circumstances deplorably unfavourable to their growth in grace; and that the multitudes around them, in the same communion, are immersed in darkness, superstition, and dreadful error, which place them in the utmost jeopardy of eternal perdition. This is that “Antichrist,” that “Man of sin,” and “Son of Perdition,” who exalteth himself above all that is called God, and who is yet to be “destroyed with the breath of Jehovah’s mouth, and with the brightness of his coming.”

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