Samuel Miller: Preparation for the Pulpit

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    "O! that ministers could be persuaded to realize that the best part of their preparation for the pulpit, that which is best adapted to impart the richest instructiveness, and the most touching unction to all its teachings, is, not to seclude themselves perpetually in their studies—not to be for ever trimming the midnight lamp; but to go forth and put themselves often in contact with the cavils and objections of the enemies of the gospel, as well as with the anxieties, the conflicts, the consolations, the joys, and the triumphs of Christian believers."

    In Thoughts on Public Prayer by Samuel Miller, page 11.
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    Thanks for the Samuel Miller quotes. Princeton's second professor is often overshadowed by its first and third, but he is a gem to be treasured, especially in this volume, in which he gives priceless counsel to ministers and students for the ministry (and, by implication, to others who serve in the church).

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