Samuel Rutherford on the distinction between doctors and pastors

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
Also though it be true, that one and the same man may both teach and exhort, and the comparison of the natural body doth not in all things hold, for one member cannot both be the eye to see, and the ear to hear, but both are here a sort of eye to the Church; yet hath Christ made the Pastor and the Doctor different. (It is needless to dispute, if they differ in nature, and if it be a confounding of Christ’s order, that one be both, when Christ hath given gifts for both to one man) for first, the Word of God doth difference them; secondly, we know that many have gifts to teach, who are but dull and weak to persuade and work upon the affection, as is observed amongst the Fathers. Augustine excelled in teaching and disputing, Chrysostom in exhorting. [Alfonso] Salmeron observeth, that there Thomas Aquinas was eminent in informing the understanding, and Bonaventura excellent for moving the affections. And many are fitted to work on the affections, as Pastors, who are not able to teach as Doctors in the Schools. So hath Chrysostom and Theodoret observed upon these words, Rom. 12. 7, 8.

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