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I just wonder if it's God honouring for us as Christians to be paying homage to a Queen who has been monarch over a period that has seen so much increase in sin during her reign...

It’s Official: Queen Elizabeth II Signs Gay Marriage Bill Into Law in England and Wales​

Billy Hallowell
July 17, 2013
LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) -- With little fanfare or controversy, Britain announced Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II had signed into law a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in England and Wales. France has also legalized gay marriages, but only after a series of gigantic protests attracting families from the traditional heartland that revealed a deeply split society.
Official word that the queen had approved the bill drew cheers in the usually sedate House of Commons.
"This is a historic moment that will resonate in many people's lives," Equalities Minister Maria Miller said in a statement. "I am proud that we have made it happen and I look forward to the first same sex wedding by next summer."


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This is not a witch hunt by any means. Rather a bringing to light extremely important failures in the life of a head of state/monarch who took on the title of head of the church of England.
The Queen signed countless unchristian law changes including legalizing abortion.
How can a Christian hold her up as a good example of the Christian faith and talk about how her faith was important to her?
John Bunyan, John Huss, and any of the English puritans are worthy examples of great Christian examples.
Christians the world over don't really consider who and what leaders of government and state are and do, but are drawn along by others and the media. The queen has certainly been idol worshipped. People stood for days to look at a coffin. Martin Luther would have his hammer and nails out...



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The problems in the UK today (as in many countries) are myriad. The nation has experienced a tremendous moral and cultural decline since the end of World War II. I do not trust the mainstream media on most issues any more than I trust You Tube or random internet sites. The forces of immorality are rampant throughout the media, entertainment, politics, education and even the corporate world.

But I certainly don’t see the Royal family as the problem . . . Seems a very odd place to focus the blame.
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Jack K

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@Jack K
Hello Jack,
I agree with you absolutely that a Christian's main focus should be God and His Word.
Do I sense annoyance?
I sense with a lot of Christian's they seem to think if you do any research into what the government do or whether Satan is involved in world affairs then you are neglecting God and His Word.
It's a bit harsh to say your on the internet too much and not reading your bible enough.
Well, I didn't mean to be harsh. But it's possible that firm might be helpful.

I'm serious when I suggest a year off the internet with that time spent in the Bible instead. This assumes you currently are indeed spending more time online than reading or listening to Scripture, which only you would know for sure. But for most people who bring up the topics you are discussing, the ratio isn't even close. Most of them are spending vastly more time online, gobbling up the internet's words of uncertainty and worry, than they spend feeding on the Word of God.

Sure, doing research about the world can be a healthy pursuit. Hobbies that take you online are also fine. Many Christians spend a fair amount of time on these things, and I don't tell them to go read their Bible instead. But the particular topics you are bringing up are not like general research or hobbies:
  • These particular topics tend to come from sources that mix truth with lies, so that it becomes nearly impossible to tell one from the other even if you think you can.
  • These particular topics tend to be presented in ways that bring anxiety, discouragement, anger, or the feeling that no one but you and a few others understand what's really going on. Such feelings can become controlling, even addictive. They are not healthy states for Christians (or anyone) to remain in long term.
  • These particular topics are spiritual topics. This makes them very different from following a football team or even keeping up with traditional politics. When you're researching spiritual things, you need to do so with great spiritual discernment lest you get caught up in worry over the devil's feints while he's actually throwing punches at you some other way.
This is why I ask you, in particular, if you are spending time in the Bible. If you are researching these sorts of things, you need the Bible first of all. You need the Bible's certainty and absolute truth, or you will go crazy with speculation. You need the Bible to ground you emotionally, so you don't get addicted to the feelings that accompany conspiracy news. And you need the Bible to show you where spiritual attack is most likely to come at you, so you don't get blindsided.

So, seriously, if you are still able to let it go, I urge you to take at least a full year away from any of this stuff. Spend that time in the Bible instead, listening to words that come straight from the Savior who loves you. You won't miss out on anything that matters, but will likely discover much.


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Hello Jack,
Much of what you say is so true.
I am spending time reading God's word and in prayer.
I admit there have been times when I haven't. I may very well spend some time away from interest. I do use it for work at times but yes I may leave non essentials alone for a while. I'll need to think. But, I don't spend great amounts of time looking at these things and I leave them be for long periods say weeks and months.

I still believe and am convinced by many things I've learnt nevertheless.
Unfortunately I think, people hear people like yourself and go to another extreme and completely switch off and conclude it's all untrue.
Satan is still alive and active.
I know that whatever is going to happen whether it be good or bad, God is still sovereign and in control.
I'm guessing the majority of the world population is totally unaware that there is a group of people who are driving the world towards certain agendas.
Much of what the governments tell us through the media is all part of a deception to further these agendas and plans.
Let's take just one small part of covid as an example.There was only ever one narrative. Doctors the world over were successfully curing it with re purposed medications but they were censored and attacked. All discussion and debate was swept aside. The W.H.O was is control.
Here in the U.K the BBC news said ivermectin was for horses and was dangerous. Yes it's used for horses but It's also been prescribed for human use for decades and is safe.
My wife and I used it effectively for ourselves when we had covid. There is one particular website that has a long list of re purposed medications that are affective against Covid and it has all the evidence based clinical trials that has proved their efficacy readily available.
So they convinced most people to take experimental vaccines that didn't go through the same safety tests that vaccine should go through to be considered safe. Normally it's many years. Here's a quote from business insider:

"In the US, vaccine development undergoes a specific set of steps that includes exploratory phases, pre-clinical trials, new drug application, four phases of vaccine trials, and thorough vetting from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.

All of that combined could take multiple years, and even then, it might not be as effective as hoped"

Apart from the risks of these vaccines, countless people died unnecessarily when there are many effective treatments for covid.

And now since the vaccinations started there are apparently excess deaths being recorded in many countries and nobody knows why.

Some seem to suggest the lock downs could be the cause but I don't think so.
In all honesty do you think there is nothing sinister going on in all of this?

Jack K

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In all honesty do you think there is nothing sinister going on in all of this?
Of course, there are always sinister things going on. This even includes, sometimes, events where "the kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and his anointed" (Psalm 2:2). So, actual conspiracies, or at least evil alliances.

But the Bible does not merely confirm there will be evil alliances and leave us to ponder them. Most importantly, it directs us how to respond: Blessed are those who take refuge in the Son (Psalm 2:12). So we need to ask ourselves if perhaps we are taking our cues from those who would alarm us and then point us to something like, to use your example, a certain medication. Whether or not that medication works, it is not the Son who "shall break them with a rod of iron" (Psalm 2:9).

If whatever we are reading raises a spiritual threat and then does not point us to Christ, it is a false teacher (even if many of its claims might turn out to be true) because it is pointing us away from our true hope. If we are researching spiritual conspiracies, we need to listen to voices that relentlessly point us to Christ. And we need to realize that the most dangerous battle is not against flesh and blood but against the temptation of our souls, and that this battle is fought by faith in the Christ of the gospel, through the proclamation of that gospel, and by prayer (Ephesians 6:10-20).


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I have taken my time to read through this thread and here are my thoughts on topics like these: My rule of thumb, does the subject matter turn my eyes toward God? Does it make me spend my time in God's word and prayer? These are good things. Now let's look at the flip side: Does it cause me a lot of worry and anger and does it turn my thoughts to negative things? Does it keep me up at night? Does it take up a lot of my time? I find that many of these topics that fall under Conspiracy Theories fall under what I have described under the 'Flip Side'. They tend to pull my thoughts off of God and his Word. I won't engage myself in them. I don't have any interest in them because I don't find them edifying. These theories are not for me.

I also do use the Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation is probably the one that is true. If it gets very involved it likely is not true. God in His Word does give very straightforward answers. He is not a God of confusion. He does say that this world has fallen into sin, but it is not as complex as these theories put forth.

Here is my motto I go by in choosing material to read and ponder:
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. - Philippians 4:8


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@Phil D.
Fair point. But couple the wand ritual together with..

1. The [email protected] father was a freemason, her cousin I think is head of freemasonry in uk. Her husband was one. All common knowledge.

2. Every freemason hall has a chequered floor. It's essential. It's not a choice. It represents dualism. Do you know many churches with chequered floors?

3. The [email protected] took part in an important druid ceremony.

4. She only ever painted Jesus as a good example.
Your second point isn't true. Chequered floors are found in many lodges but it isn't essential.


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I guess one of my main concerns is how trusting of man (in the form of W.H.O, governments, prime ministers, presidents, doctors, ect) so many Christians have been over the covid and vaccines episode. Maybe vaccines took the place of trust in God and became a saviour.

Psalms 118:8 - It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Micah 7:5 - Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.

Jeremiah 17:5 - Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

Psalms 118:9 - It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

I don't think the Church should have bowed the way it did to the authority of the government. Thankfully we found a local church where the minister only closed church initially and stood on the corner of the street preaching while it was closed.
He carried on with preaching and opened the church up against the governments instructions.
I think worshipping God should come before the government. If a Christian wants to risk catching a virus to stand in the congregation of God he should be able to.


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Are you sure?
I read one source that said it wasn't a choice and a lodge should have one. Freemasonry believes in dualism and the floors represent that.



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Are you sure?
I read one source that said it wasn't a choice and a lodge should have one. Freemasonry believes in dualism and the floors represent that.

Yes. I'm sure.


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet the EU parliament building in Strasbourg (of all places!) that was designed after a famous medieval painting of the tower of babel... Or their several statues they have around of a woman riding a beast.


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Moderating. Thread reopened but with this proviso. After some good advice it would be a reversal to pile on further conspiracy theories. While we have not be ogres about it, PB is generally not the place for pursuing such things.