Saturday Evening Alternatives

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This is not intended to be another debate on Halloween!

For those who do not celebrate Halloween, how are you planning on spending your Saturday evening?

There are no Reformation Day events planned at our church for Saturday. Instead, we'll be getting together with a couple of other families from church, to go swimming at the local rec centre, head out for some Vietnamese food, and then watch a movie at our place.


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might have to work but probably I'll chat on skype or watch pb or something....not answering doorbells though....i'm really quite antisocial :)


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My wife's running a half marathon on Saturday, so I'll be going between checking college football scores on and keeping my sons out of trouble. :eek:


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Bunch of friends dressing up as Reformers (I'm Wycliffe), eating German food, and watching Luther. Now excuse me while I prepare the 95 theses to tack on the door...
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