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Like most of you, I spend quite a bit of time every week reading, discussing, and thinking about theology, philosophy, politics, literature, and history. Basically, I’m a humanities guy. But I’d like to round that out with some regular exposure to more of the STEM subjects. Do y’all have any good recommendations of science podcasts or blogs that I should check out? Particularly things that are accessible to the layman. Thanks in advance!


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I like astronomy and so I browse by and subscribe to Astronomy Cast podcast. I also subscribe to several health podcasts.


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I'll second Radiolab and Science Friday for general interest. Science Friday also hits on topics across STEM; I have enjoyed some of their technology-related episodes.

Any idea what you might be interested in Technology & Engineering? I listen to some podcasts, but they're more technical and in specific to my areas of work. Not sure about general interest ones.

Also, if you want any social sciences, I will give a few suggestions that should be approachable:
Freakonomics, You are not so smart (about how we think), Hidden Brain, Planet Money


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Radiolab is as good as it gets in my opinion! Although, they do have the occasional episode promoting liberal ideas.

I also like Science Vs. and 99% Invisible. Although the later is broader than just science in its scope.
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