Scottish Church Closures - Court of Session Success


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Supported by Christian Concern, from a variety of churches in Scotland, there was a judicial review concerning the spiritual liberties of Christ's church in Scotland and government intrusion into matters properly belonging to the church. Specifically, this related to the state closing of places of worship in Scotland during the pandemic, whereby it was made unlawful for church to gather together for worship.

The petition made it clear that they are not opposed to the Government’s intentions of limiting the spread of a dangerous virus. Their concern was to make sure that what properly belongs to the civil magistrate and what properly belongs to the governance of the church remain distinct.

As you can see, the action by the church was successful (Here).
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Josh Williamson

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Excellent news. I was part of the JR for England, but since Boris opened up churches again we let the challenge drop. So happy that Scottish Churches won.


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Not sure we should let it drop - establishing the limits of state control is useful. For the Future...


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