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William Gouge, A Guide to Go to God: Or an Explanation of the Perfect Pattern of Prayer, the Lord's Prayer, pp. 92-93, quote in Randall J. Pederson, Day By Day with the English Puritans, p. 260:

We ought to search the Scriptures that we may know the will of God. For in them is the will of God contained. This is that searching to which knowledge and understanding is promised. And for our better help herein, we ought diligently to frequent the ministry of God's Word. As it is noted of the converted Jews, that they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine, whereby is declared that they were diligent and constant hearers of the apostles, and also faithful professors and practitioners of their doctrine. The former was the cause of the latter. The preaching of the word is a great help to bring us to do the will of God. And that is in a double respect. First, because the will of God is thereby more clearly, distinctly, and fully opened to us. Secondly, because it is a means sanctified of God to breed credence to the truth of that which is revealed, and affiance therein; yes, and to bow our will, heart, and affections to yield thereto, and to be settled thereon. In this respect says the wisdom of God, which is especially set forth in the preaching of His Word, "Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily as my gates, waiting a[t] the posts of my doors" (Prov. 8:34).


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Thank you so much for the quote, Andrew!

I totally love that book, Day By Day with the English Puritans. And I would recommend it to everyone. I love the way Pederson layed it out, with his historical intro and his Sources section & mini bios in the back. I appreciate that he took the time to find some less known Puritans too. The quotes are just wonderful, and are a much anticipated part of my day.

Over the years I've enjoyed other daily devotional books like this, such as Day By Day w/ Calvin or w/ the Church Fathers, or Morning & Evening, and even the "Puritan Daily Devotional Chronicles" by I.D.E. Thomas (which I thoroughly enjoyed) -- but I think I like this one the best.

Puritan quotes have always done the best job for me to draw my heart and mind away from the world and closer to Heaven, to help me to be more watchful for holy exercises, to provide a clearer understanding of the Scriptures, and to love the Lord more and more.

Thanks again.
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