Seeking Mentor for Autodidact Education - Reformed Baptist Seminary Audit Classes

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Hello all. I am reaching out as I would like to seek a mentor to begin an attempt at autodidact education using Reformed Baptist Seminaries audit classes that can be found here. My present situation, is I love my local church family; but it isnt a professing Reformed congregation. It is however the most conservative Baptist church in my location, but it is not a Reformed Baptist Church. The education model from RBS's Audit classes seems to be lectures, readings, and a final paper. I am attempting to do this for personal edification, and to be prepared where ever the Lord may lead; but, I do not in any way feel called to the Pastorate, nor would I consider this education as a replacement for my local bodies call to such a position. I would just like to pursue a somewhat structured and formal theological education, without having to take out tons of debt, using the resources others have provided at no cost.

I am thinking to see if I can do this a few ways, either pay per paper graded (with the mentor having the authority to pass/fail and require rewrite.) Or, to compensate the mentor on a monthly basis. I only ask if one chooses the monthly basis, that if I do email, I would kind of like responses to be within 3-4 days (not counting paper grading, I know those will take longer) as this was the problem I was having with another such subscription based avenue of education; sometimes stretching into multiple weeks. I am not the most wealthy, but, I can do $50 a month while in studies, or $75-$100 per graded paper (but if I do fail, a regrade will only be another $25 until pass.)

The reason I am seeking a mentor here, instead of my local church, is my local church offers a "kind of" mini Bible college, but not in the Reformed tradition; and that is the tradition I am seeking to study. Thank you so much in advance. God Bless.

My main hopes for a mentor are, that they either have a graduate degree in theology or greater; or, that they are a Pastor or Elder in a Reformed church, well versed in theology, who has once been under another's wing. Preferably Reformed Baptist, but not strictly.
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