Seraphim & the Occultist


Puritan Board Doctor
Another example of Church – State relations gone awry.

I’m reading a bio of Rasputin by Douglas Smith and he repeats the story of how Seraphim of Sarov was canonized. According to Douglas, and I have heard this story before from another source, the Orthodox Church examined life and teachings of Seraphim but refused to canonize him. The Tzar received a prophecy from a French occultist named Monsieur Phillippe who stated that if he prayed to St. Seraphim of Sarov he would have the heir he so desperately desired, the problem was, the Church rejected Seraphim’s canonization.

How was the problem solved?

According to Douglas:

“…Nicholas, to the anger of the Holy Synod, the church’s governing body, overrode the decision (“The Emperor can do anything,” an angry Alexandra insisted) and ordered that Serephim be canonized.” p.46

And that folks is how Seraphim of Sarov became recognized as a Saint.

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