Sermon series on worship, including RPW

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Our Pastor has recently begun a new sermon series on worship. This past Lord's Day was the 3rd sermon in the series and it was on the topic of the RPW. This series has been highly convicting and encouraging and I commend it to you for your own edification. Blessings.
Link to the series on worship - SermonAudio "Gospel Worship"
Link to the sermon on the RPW - SermonAudio - "The Regulative Principle of Worship"
Here is the blurb from the sermon link:
As our series on worship continues, we consider the rule for worship - what is called the Regulative Principle. A principle that comes from the Bible - which teaches that whatever is not commanded is forbidden in worship. In this sermon we are exhorted to hear of the heart of the principle and also discover how the principle glorifies God and protects the conscience of the worshiper. Preached on Sabbath PM 05/02/21.
Of the Regulative Principle of Worship…
I. Its doctrine.
II. Its heart.
III. Its King.
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