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Hello Everyone - I'm looking for recommendations for pastors to listen to on SermonAudio, ideally, from a reformed Presbyterian perspective? I've listened to David Silversides (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland) and Gavin Beers and Robert McCurley (both, Free Church of Scotland Continuing) quite a lot, so pastors who have similar perspectives would be ideal. Thank you.


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Robert McCurley, Romesh Prakashpalan, David Silversides, Joel Beeke, Trevor Kirkland. I like me some plain preaching

Jeri Tanner

Staff member
In addition to the excellent recommends above, Todd Ruddell (Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian); he also has excellent readings through books of the Bible with brief but helpful commentary. Everyone should listen to his 2016 series on the unity of the church; Brent Evans (Reformation Presbyterian Church in Snellville, GA); and Pastor JJ Lim of Pilgrim Covenant Presbyterian Church in Singapore; and Pastor Grant Van Leuven of Puritan Reformed Presbyterian, in particular his teaching through the Larger Catechism.


Puritan Board Freshman
After having listened to probably thousands of sermons on SA by now, let me just say that some of the very best preaching/teaching I have heard is often from, for example, some obscure little Baptist church out in the middle of nowhere or some church with a generic name that you wouldn't be able to tell is Reformed/Calvinistic in any way. On the other hand, some of the driest, deadest, most formulaic and unedifying sermons I've ever heard are from those Reformed Presbyterian/Baptist Churches from which you expect higher quality teaching. It isn't always the case; I just had to put that out there. Moreover, the Lord grants wisdom to men in different areas/ways so I often find that there are some who teach well in the Psalms, another might teach well in OT narrative, or the Wisdom Literature, Gospels, Epistles, etc. Some are better topical preachers, some are better SS teachers in areas like Church history, Covenant Theology, Philosophy, etc.

That being said, I really like Patrick Hines (my current favorite), Brian Borgman (good topical sermon series), Joe Morecraft (good church history but occasionally hagiographic and his fake crying is kinda awkward), Rev. John Thackaway, Jim Sole (good on the Psalms), Don Green, David Silversides, Jeremy Walker, David Vance, Shane Lems, Joseph A. Pipa Jr., Gordon Dane, Ian Hamilton, Alistair Begg (in his younger days), MLJ (duh), and of course Spurgeon's narrated sermons. And, the very BEST sermon series you will ever hear on the Book of Job is from this guy.


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I know he was not Reformed Presbyterian, but I will say it anyway. I highly recommend you mix your listening repertoire with Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He was one of the greatest preachers of the previous century. His preaching is plain, expository, and experiential. His recorded sermons can be found on one website, the MLJ Trust. Again, I know he was not RP, but he was solid, and your diet would undoubtedly be seriously enhanced.


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Rev. Andrew Pearson formerly at London City Presbyterian Church:

This is a really good series on Ecclesiastes, taking the approach that it's speaking into the secular humanism of our day.

This series on Esther is also quite good about showing the much bigger picture of the story of Esther, including the link between the house of Kish and Agag King of the Amalekites through Mordecai and Haman was startling.

Dr. Harrison Perkins, also formerly of London City Presbyterian has a fantastic evening sermon series on The Ordinary Means of Grace:

The above three were really, really helpful to me in a very dark season of my life in 2022. I'd known about this church when I was considering studying the UK after college so I've followed it. Their new pastor Andrew Longwe is also pretty good but comparatively newer/younger.


One of my former elders recommended his parents' pastor for the following series, providentially timed to start just before the pandemic and right through the first 4-5 months.


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Brian Schwertley. I usually find his exegesis of scripture and his analysis of issues enlightening, because it is rooted in the Word and the Westminster standards.