Sermons 04/10/2016

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Go ahead and post about the sermon(s) you heard today at church.

I've decided to post this in the theological forum to suggest general theological discussion spawning from the sermons.

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AM: I preached from Mark 4.1-20 on the parable of the Sower and the soils. It was part 1 of what will probably be 2 sermons on that text.

PM: I preached from Col 3.1-4 on cultivating heavenly-mindedness.


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In the AM, pastor preached on Luke 8:4ff. In speaking about the parable of the sower, he made sure to drive home the conditions of the surfaces onto which the seeds fell.

In the PM, he continued through to Luke 8:21. One thing he showed was the connection between the parable of the sower and what Jesus says about the candle: basically, that those like the good ground bring forth fruit and that fruit manifests God's glory as a witness, like the light of a candle, which should not be hid.
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AM. 2 Kings 22:19, A tender heart for God.

PM. Acts 16:13-15, A heart opened by God.


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Continuing the series in PSALMS: THE LYRICS OF KNOWING GOD with 107:23-32. Gist - in tough times we try to rely upon ourselves when we should cry out to the Lord for deliverance. Also tied in to the ordination/installation of Elders and Deacons earlier in the service.


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Matthew 5:43-48. "A Father's Love for a Hostile World." Part of a continuing series through the book of Matthew.


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Morning sermon: John 12:28-41, "Father, glorify Your name" - Rev Mark Koller
This sermon touched on Christ's roles as prophet, priest, and King as He prayed this prayer to the Father.

Afternoon sermon: 2 Samuel 21:1-2 "Making lawful covenants" - Rev Mark Koller
This sermon helped explain what it means to make a covenant w/God, including national covenants. Are national covenants warranted today? Pastor Koller also drew heavily from the WCF, Ch 22, "Of Lawful Oaths and Vows".
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