Sermons 04/17/2016

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I'm doing a series on the family, and today I addressed the husband, from 1 Peter 3:7, which gives two instructions, based on two reasons, for a particular goal.


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Continuing in the series in Psalms - The Lyrics of Knowing God
This week the Sermons were Enduring Glory from Psalm 104 (the title taken from verse 31).


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The first sermon was about preparation for Communion (we're celebrating the Lord's Supper next week).

The second was about the clause "believed on in the world" from the creed in I Timothy 3:16.


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We had a sermon from Philippians 3:12-16 about the Christians' advance toward the goal in the midst of imperfection. I think the main point was to highlight the activity of Christ in laying hold of Paul, of God in calling him, and then God's ongoing activity in revealing "otherwise-mindedness" to the Philippians.


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A very encouraging Lord's Day at RFBC: our elder candidate preached in AM worship from Num 13-14, demonstrating that faith's focus is on God, not fearing man; and intern candidate preached in PM worship from Jn 17, showing us how the fellowship of the Trinity shapes our fellowship as the Church.
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