Sermons 04/24/2016

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Puritan Board Sophomore
On Luke 1:1-4. Our pastor tied the idea of the King and his Kingdom and the importance of certainty, as seen in verse four.


Puritan Board Senior
In AM worship, I completed the parable of the Sower and the soils from Mk 4.1-20. I sought to describe the soils and demonstrate the sovereignty of the Sower, the responsibility of the soils, the precious nature of the seed, and to press home the urgency of believing the gospel message.

In PM worship, I preached from Prov 28.9, seeking to describe what constitutes hearing vs. turning away from hearing the law of God, and pointed to Christ as the One who not only heard the Law perfectly, but himself was the Lawgiver and its Fulfillment; and thus is made unto us wisdom from God, and sanctification.


Puritan Board Freshman
I finished a two part message in Luke 6:27-36. It focused mainly on Christ's command to Love our enemies.

Bill The Baptist

Puritan Board Graduate
I continued my series in Hebrews and preached on the always popular Hebrews 13:17 and the topic of submission to elders.


Puritan Board Freshman
We just finish an "overview of the Bible" where our pastors preached an overview of each book with an emphasis on redemptive history and the idea of a "promise made" and "promise kept."

This week we started a expositional walk through of Romans with an introduction sermon preached yesterday evening.


Puritanboard Commissioner
Continued with the series from Psalms "The Lyrics of Knowing God". This week the youth pastor preached from Ps 8:1-9 “Wonder to Weakness”.
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