Sermons 05/15/2016

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This week's morning sermon was about Christ's sending forth of the seventy from Luke's account.

The evening sermon was from a following section on the good Samaritan.

- I really liked in the morning sermon how he told us that staying at one house in each town prevented the disciples from trying to look for the best accommodations. On the one hand, they deserve their wages; on the other, they should be content with the wages they're given.
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From Exodus 18, we considered the provision of a mediator, a teaching ministry, and officers as a demonstration of God's love and care for his people.

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I am beginning a new series going through our confession of faith, but I began with a sermon entitled "Unleavened Theology" in which we discussed Matthew 16:5-12 and how the Scriptures must be the foundation of our doctrine. My main point was that regardless of whether we add to Scripture, as the Pharisees tended to do, or take away from Scripture, as the Sadducees tended to do, in both cases we were "teaching as doctrine the commandments of men."


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I prepared two sermons for this Lord's Day AM worship: one continuing our exposition of Mark (on 4.26-29), and the other developing a biblical theology of gender, seeking to help our people give a faithful response in light of the gospel to this dominant cultural question. In praying through which one to preach, it seemed best to speak on the gender issue.

The Lord helped me in preaching yesterday, and a number of our folks said they now felt able to bear a gospel witness when this matter is in the conversation. May God be pleased to grant that it is so.

I love being a pastor.
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