Sermons 05/22/2016

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If you would like, go ahead and post about this weeks sermon(s), and feel free to have discussions.


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The series from Psalms continued with Redeemer Seminary president Martin Ban preaching from Psalm 68:1-19 with an additional reading of Eph 4:1-8.


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We heard a sermon on the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). It was helpfully related to the context of judging (vv.1,2). I also liked the point that the Rule can be perverted if we stop too soon. We may begin to think about what we would have others do to us, and not move on to the real heart of the matter.


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I continued to preach through Luke. We examined the commendable faith of the centurion in Luke 7:1-10.

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I continued my series through our confession of faith with a sermon on the topic of the inerrancy of Scripture. I focused on the relationship between the Bible being literally breathed out by God and the fact that God cannot lie, with the conclusion being that the Bible by its very nature must be inerrant.


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In Sabbath School, I taught on the doctrine of providence. It led to some deep discussion regarding God's governance of all things and how that relates to man's responsibility and guilt in making real choices to sin. Good stuff!

In worship, I preached the first eight verses of 3 John. I taught that 3 John should be read as more of a pastoral epistle to Gaius, after the pattern of Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus. In the first eight verses, John repeatedly mentions things being done "in truth", so I unpacked the importance of truth in the life of the believer, and in our relationships.
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