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Please post about the sermon(s) you heard this week at church. I'd especially like to hear from laypeople like myself, in addition to ministers.

I may make a post soon.


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I heard a very fine sermon on 2 Corinthians 8:9. I wouldn't necessarily say that it told me anything I didn't know before, but it was thrilling to hear of Christ's original wealth, his voluntary assumption of poverty, and the riches he acquired for us as a result.


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The senior pastor kicked off the Summer series on Hebrews 11 with an introductory sermon drawn from Hebrews 11 and 12. I understand the following sermons will focus sequentially on the folks named in Chapter 11.


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I am focusing on biblical worship for the month of June. Our congregation has not had teaching of any significance on this subject for (at least) 10 years. This morning I preached from Heb 12/Isa 6 to begin developing a basic theology of biblically-acceptable, God-centered worship. For the next 3 weeks in AM worship, I and our elder candidate will preach on: family worship (me); personal worship (him); and corporate worship (me), seeking to flesh out and apply practically these basic concepts.

In our evening service, I began an overview of basic biblical counseling which I'm calling "How to Help People God's Way." It will last 2-3 more weeks. After these two summer emphases, we'll resume exposition through Mark in the AM for July and most of August (though at the end of August I plan to preach on how to share the gospel), and will begin a study of the various spiritual disciplines in PM worship.
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