Sermons 06/12/2016

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  1. brendanchatt

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    If you'd like please share about this weeks sermon(s).
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  2. reaganmarsh

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    In our AM worship, I preached on Family Worship. We're pausing our lectio continua exposition through Mark for the month of June for a special focus on Biblical Worship. In PM worship, I preached on How to Help People God's Way, a series this month dealing with the basics of biblical counseling, i.e., how to help people find God's answers to their problems.

    I'm really enjoying preaching these 2 series. It's been a nice break from Mark for me and the congregation, and I think we'll both be ready to dive back into Mark in July. I don't know about the other elders on the PB, but I am usually a slow-moving preacher -- I tend to take my time walking through a book. Then again, I feel great freedom to take a break like this worship series every so often, so I guess I've made my own bed there. Ha!
  3. Peairtach

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