Sermons 06/26/2016

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This morning my pastor preached on Luke 12:35ff, which he taught was about readiness, or watchfulness.

Please post about the sermon(s) you heard at church this week!


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The Senior pastor preached the 4th in the summer series on Hebrews 11, this week teaching from Hebrews 11:7, and drawing from Genesis and Mt. 24:37-39. Other pastors will continue the series through the summer.


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I heard a sermon on the two houses from Matthew 7. Christ is the only true foundation for a life, and so without him there is only folly. I also heard a sermon on Galatians 1:11-24, which made the point that Paul's apostolic office and gospel message were both from God.

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I continued my series through our confession of faith with a sermon on some of the attributes of God from 1 Timothy 1:17.


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June has been a month of pausing for 2 brief series.

In the AM sermon, I concluded our series on Biblical Worship by preaching on Corporate Worship.

In the PM sermon, I concluded our series on How to Help People God's Way (an introduction to biblical counseling and discipleship).

This coming Lord's Day, we'll resume preaching through Mark's Gospel -- that's been a really fun book to preach!


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One of our elders preached on Matthew 6:5-9 (he is preaching through Matthew). The topic was how to pray correctly.
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