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We've been running this special for a while but I wanted to remind PBers of it. The only change is that the set purchase is now the only way to get volume 1 (2005); when those are all gone, complete sets will not be obtainable except second hand. Below is all that has appeared in the pages that make up the 7 volumes produced thus far.
Super Price (All Current Issues): The Confessional Presbyterian volumes 1-7 (2005-2011) | | The Confessional Presbyterian
CPJ 1-7 (2005-2011): USA, $75; International $135 (because of the weight and postage).

Anonymous. In Brief: Introduction to the United States Christian Magazine of 1796. 2.19.
Anonymous. In Brief: Two Good Anecdotes [Re: Samuel Miller and Archibald Alexander]. 1.93.
Anonymous. In Brief: William Carruthers: 1830–1922). 1.64.
Arnold, Patrick. Review: Paul Helm, Eternal God: A Study of God Without Time, 2nd ed. 7.178
Backensto, Bruce R. John Brown of Wamphray, Richard Baxter and the Justification Controversy, 3.118.
Baillie, Robert. In Brief: Robert Baillie on the Chiliasm of Archer, Burroughs and Goodwin. 7.110.
Bredenhof, Wes. In Translatiōne: De Brès versus Richardot: A Sixteenth-Century Debate Regarding the Lord’s Supper. 6.250.
Bredenhof, Wes. Johannes Megapolensis: Pioneer Reformed Missionary to the Mohawks. 5.161.
Bredenhof, Wes. Martyrdom, Mission and the Belgic Confession. 4.109.
Bredenhof, Wes. Review: Michael Horton, The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way. 7.164.
Bredenhof, Wes. Review: Michael S. Horton, People and Place: A Covenant Ecclesiology. 5.274.
Brown, Michael. The Covenant Of Works Revived: John Owen on Republication in the Mosaic Covenant. 4.151.
Bucey, Camden M. The Lord and His Messengers: Toward a Trinitarian Interpretation of Malachi 3:1–4. 7.153
Cassidy, James J. Critical-Realism & the Relation of Redemptive Act to Revelatory Word. 2.79.
Cassidy, James J. Francis Turretin and Barthianism: The Covenant of Works in Historical Perspective. 5.199.
Cassidy, James. Review: Paul C. Gutjahr, Charles Hodge: Guardian of American Orthodoxy. 7.187.
Clark, R. Scott. Baptism and the Benefits of Christ: The Double Mode of Communion in the Covenant of Grace. 2.3.
Clark, R. Scott. Olevianus and the Old Perspective on Paul: A Preliminary Report. 4.17.
Clark, R. Scott. Review: Charles E. Hill, From the Lost Teaching of Polycarp: Identifying Irenaeus’ Apostolic Presbyter and the Author of ad Diognetum. 5.283.
Clary, Glen J. Holy Communion in the Theology of John Knox. 7.3.
Clary, Glen J. Ulrich Zwingli and the Swiss Anabaptists: Sola Scriptura and the Reformation of Christian Worship. 6.108.
Coldwell, Chris. A Critical Text of the Westminster Larger Catechism: Q. 1–50, 3.37.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: The Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards. 1.168.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: T. & J. Swords. Part One. Printers During the Federal Period to Doctors, Scientists, Friendly and Calliopean Clubers, and other New York Literati, as well as High Churchists, and the Occasional Presbyterian. 2.211.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: T. & J. Swords. Part Two. Two Large Presbyterian Works. 3.280.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: T. & J. Swords. Part Three: The ‘High Churchism’ Controversy. 4.277.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: The James Durham MSS Held by Glasgow University Library. 5.303.
Coldwell, Chris. Antiquary: Westminster Abbey Library: And Other Theological Resources of the Assembly of Divines (1643–1652). 6.263.
Coldwell, Chris M. Antiquary: The James Durham MSS Part II. 7.230
Coldwell, Chris. Calvin in the Hands of the Philistines, Or, Did Calvin Bowl on the Sabbath? 6.31.
Coldwell, Chris. Examining the Work of S. W. Carruthers: Justifying a Critical Approach to the Text of the Westminster Standards & Correcting the 18th Century Lineage of the Traditional Scottish Text. 1.43.
Coldwell, Chris. In Brief: The Intent of Larger Catechism 109 Regarding Pictures of Christ’s Humanity. 5.217.
Coldwell, Chris. The Westminster Assembly & the Judicial Law: A Chronological Compilation and Analysis. Part One: Chronology. 5.3
Coppes, Leonard J. Review: Response to Benjamin Shaw. 2.165.
Coppes, Leonard J. Review: Response to Benjamin Shaw’s Review. 1.153.
Coppes, Leonard J. Review: Tim Gallant, Feed My Lambs. 2.193.
Crampton, W. Gary. According to Augustine. 4.72.
Crampton, W. Gary. An Analysis of Open Theism. 2.61.
Crampton, W. Gary. Edwards’ Freedom of the Will: A Review and Analysis, 3.86.
Crampton, W. Gary. John Calvin on the Doctrine of Divine Revelation. 5.89.
Crampton, W. Gary. Jonathan Edwards on Scripture & Salvation. 1.65.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: George M. Marsden, Jonathan Edwards: A Life. 2.175.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: Greg L. Bahnsen, Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended. 6.239.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: J. Knox Chamblin, Matthew: A Mentor Commentary 7.190.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: Jay E. Adams, Keeping the Sabbath Today? 6.208.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: Response to J. V. Fesko. 7.206.
Crampton, W. Gary. Review: Robert L. Reymond, The God-Centered Preacher: Developing a Pulpit Ministry Approved by God, 3.261.
Crampton, W. Gary. Robert L. Reymond, Faith’s Reasons For Believing: An Apologetic Antidote to Mindless Christianity. 4.214.
Delivuk, John (Jack) Allen. Liberty of Conscience in the Westminster Confession and its Application to Modern ‘Worship Wars.’ 2.43.
Dilday, Steven. In Translatiōne: Part II. John Brown of Wamphray: Singing of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs in the Public Worship of God. 5.296.
Dolezal, James E. Review: J. van Genderen and W.H. Velema, Concise Reformed Dogmatics. 5.278.
Dolezal, James E. Review: Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Remythologizing Theology: Divine Action, Passion, and Authorship. 7.167.
Dolezal, James E. Review: Paul Helm, Calvin at the Centre. 6.229.
Dolezal, James E. Review: Surrejoinder to Kevin Vanhoozer. 7.175.
Duncan, J. Ligon III. Review: The Auburn Avenue Theology, Pros and Cons: Debating the Federal Vision, 1.161.
Estelle, Bryan D. The Old Testament and the Comparative Method. 6.145.
Fesko, J. V. A Critical Examination of N. T. Wright’s Doctrine of Justification. 1.102.
Fesko, J. V. Heinrich Bullinger on Union with Christ and Justification. 6.3.
Fesko, J. V. Review: Guy Prentiss Waters, Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul, 2.184.
Fesko, J. V. Review: Surrejoinder to Dr. Crampton’s Response. 7.210.
Fesko, J. V. Review: W. Gary Crampton, From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism: A Critique of the Westminster Standards on the Subjects of Baptism (J. V. Fesko) 7.203.
Fesko, J. V. The Westminster Standards and Confessional Lutheranism on Justification, 3.15.
Forkner, Wayne. Review: Norman Shepherd: Law and Gospel in Covenantal Perspective. 1.155.
Gaffin, Richard B. Review: Cornelius P. Venema, Accepted and Renewed in Christ. The “Twofold Grace of God” and the Interpretation of Calvin’s Theology. 5.269.
Gallant, Tim. Review: A Response to Leonard Coppes Regarding Feed My Lambs. 2.199.
Gallant, Tim. Review: Response [to Cornelis P. Venema, A Response to the Coppes-Gallant Exchange Regarding Paedocommunion]. 3.242.
Goodwin, Thomas. In Brief: Thomas Goodwin on God’s Blessing His People. 7.122.
Hall, David W. Explicit and Implicit Appendixes to Calvin’s View of Justification by Faith. 6.97.
Hall, David W. John Calvin on Human Government and the State. 4.122.
Hart, D. G. Francis Makemie and the Meaning of American Presbyterianism. 2.71.
Herzer, Mark. The Modern Roman Catholic View of Scripture. 6.132.
Hofstetter, N. E. Barry and Chris Coldwell. In Translatiōne: Andrew Willet’s Preface to Nicholas Bownd’s Sabbathvm veteris et Novi Testamenti. 1.166.
Hofstetter, N. E. Barry and Chris Coldwell. In Translatiōne: John Brown of Wamphray: The Universal Visible Church. 2.208.
Hofstetter, N. E. Barry and Chris Coldwell. In Translatiōne: John Brown of Wamphray: Singing of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs in the Public Worship of God From De Causa Dei contra Antisabbatarios, [Part 1], 3.276. See under Dilday, Steven for Part 2.
Howe, George. In Brief: A Bibliography of Published Works. 4.69.
Hutchinson, Christopher A. Review: Sinclair Ferguson. In Christ Alone: Living the Christ Centered Life. 5.290.
Hyde, Daniel R. For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free: John Owen’s A Discourse Concerning Liturgies, and Their Imposition. 4.29.
Hyde, Daniel, R. In Defense of the Descendit: A Confessional Response to Contemporary Critics of Christ’s Descent into Hell, 3.104.
Jeon, Jeong Koo. The Abrahamic Covenant and the Kingdom of God. 7.123.
Jones, Mark. Review: Carl R. Trueman, John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man. 4.217.
Jones, Stuart R. Presbyterian Due Process: A Scottish and American Recovery of Procedural Canons. 2.28.
Jones, Stuart R. Review: C. N. Willborn, ‘In Thesi’ Deliverances. 2.167.
Jones, Stuart R. Review: Peter Enns, Inspiration and Incarnation.3. 251.
Keister, Lane. Review: Bruce Waltke, with Charles Yu, An Old Testament Theology: An Exegetical, Canonical, and Thematic Approach. 4.212.
Keister, Lane. Review: Douglas Bond, The Mighty Weakness of John Knox and D. M. Lloyd-Jones and Iain Murray, John Knox and the Reformation. 7.211.
Keister, Lane. Review: Joseph C. Morecraft, III, Authentic Christianity: An Exposition of the Theology and Ethics of the Westminster Larger Catechism; Chris Coldwell, The Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly: A Transcription of the Surviving Manuscripts with Notes; John R. Bower, The Larger Catechism: A Critical Text and Introduction. 6.202.
Keister, Lane. Should Women Teach or Have Authority Over Men in the Church? An Exegesis of 1 Timothy 2:8–15. 4.142.
Keister, Lane. The Sabbath Day and Recreations on the Sabbath: An Examination of the Sabbath and the Biblical Basis for the “No Recreation” Clause in Westminster Confession of Faith 21.8 and Westminster Larger Catechism 117. 5.229.
Kerr, Robert P. “The Office of Deacon:” Extracts from The Presbyterian Quarterly (April, 1896). 5.198.
Lauer, Stewart E. John Calvin, the Nascent Sabbatarian: A Reconsideration of Calvin’s View of Two Key Sabbath-Issues.3.3.
Lems, Shane. The Centrality of the Holy Spirit in Reformed Theology: A Robust Pneumatology. 4.136.
Lucero, Jody. Review: John Currid, Deuteronomy—An Evangelical Press Study Commentary. 6.236.
M’Leod, Alexander. In Brief: Alexander M’Leod on a Pastor According to God’s Heart.3.154.
M’Leod, Alexander. In Brief: Alexander M’Leod on the Call to the Gospel Ministry. 3.117.
MacLean, Donald John. “So Great a Love”—James Durham on Christ and His Church in the Song of Solomon. 5.239
MacLean, Donald John. Review: Garnet Howard Milne, The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation: The Majority Puritan Viewpoint on Whether Extra-biblical Prophecy is Still Possible. 6.223.
Marshall, Stephen. In Brief: A Defence of Infant Baptism. 4.191.
Mason, John Mitchell and Jacob Van Vechten. In Brief: John Mitchell Mason on the New York ‘High Churchism’ Controversy. 2.88.
Mason, John Mitchell. In Brief: Extract from John M. Mason, Pardon in Sin in the Blood of Jesus. 2.234.
McGinnis, Andrew M. Review; D. G. Hart and John R. Muether, Seeking a Better Country: 300 Years of American Presbyterianism. 4.222.
McGraw, Ryan M. John Owen on the Study of Theology. 6.180.
McGraw, Ryan M. Review: Brian K. Kay, Trinitarian Spirituality: John Owen and the Doctrine of God in Western Devotion.  6.242.
McGraw, Ryan M. Review: Daniel R. Hyde, In Living Color: Images of Christ and the Means of Grace. 5.276.
McGraw, Ryan M. Review: J. V. Fesko, Last Things First: Unlocking Genesis 1–3 with the Christ of Eschatology. 7.200.
McGraw, Ryan M. The Benediction in Corporate Worship. 7.111.
Miller, Samuel, D. D. Edited from MS by Chris Coldwell. Faith Shewn by Works: A Sermon on James 2:18, by Samuel Miller, D.D. 1.3.
Miller, Samuel, D. D. In Brief: Dr. Samuel Miller on Arminian and Pelagian Subscribers to the Westminster Confession of Faith. 1.175.
Miller, Samuel, D. D. In Brief: Mature Preparation for the Gospel Ministry. 1.41.
Miller, Samuel, D. D. In Brief: Samuel Miller’s Sermon on the Death of George Washington. 2.233.
Miller, Samuel, D.D. In Brief: Miller on Worship. 1.40.
Moore, T. V. In Brief: T. V. Moore’s Twenty Hints for a Happy Family. 7.97.
Nevin, Alfred. Samuel Miller (1769–1850). 1.9.
Olevianus, Caspar. In Brief: On Law and Gospel. 4.28.
Patterson, Daniel F. Review: Edward T. Welch, Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest. 5.292.
Patterson, Daniel F. Review: Eric L. Johnson, Foundations for Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal 7.195.
Phillips, T. J. Severing the Dragon’s Tail: The Rejection of the Mass and the Adoption of the Reformed Practice of the Lord’s Supper during the Scottish Reformation. 2.20.
Pipa, Joseph, Jr. Seminary Education.3.223.
Ramsey, D. Patrick. Baptismal Regeneration and the Westminster Confession of Faith. 4.183.
Ramsey, D. Patrick. Samuel Rutherford’s Contribution to Covenant Theology in Scotland. 5.115.
Rankin, W. Duncan. The Early Reformation in Scotland. 7.41
Reiter, David. The Modal Transcendental Argument for God’s Existence. 7.147.
Review: Timothy Z. Witmer, The Shepherd Leader (Tom Deatsch) 244 ■
Richard, Guy M. In Translatiōne: Samuel Rutherford: Examen Arminianismi, Chapter 19: Of the Civil Magistrate. 4.270.
Richard, Guy M. Review: Samuel Rutherford, The Covenant of Life Opened. 2.189.
Richard, Guy M. Samuel Rutherford’s Supralapsarianism Revealed: A Key to the Lapsarian Position of the Westminster Confession of Faith? 4.162.
Ritchie, Daniel. Reformed Presbyterian Criticism of the 1859 Ulster Revival’s Impact on Worship and Church Order. 7.47.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 109:1–10. 1.164.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 2. 2.206.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 51. 3.273.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 110. 4.267.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 42. 5.294.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 43. 6.248.
Ruddell, Todd L. Psallo: Psalm 116. 7.213.
Schäfli, Ephraim. In Translatiōne: The Preface to the Constance Hymnbook by Joannem Zwick. 7.216.
Selvaggio, Anthony T. An Answer to the Challenge of Preaching the Old Testament: An Historical & Theological Examination of the Redemptive-Historical Approach. 5.170
Shaw, Benjamin. Englishing the Bible: A Confessional Approach. 6.125.
Shaw, Benjamin. Review: Leonard J. Coppes, The Divine Days of Creation. 1.152.
Shaw, Benjamin. Review: Reply to Leonard Coppes’ Response. 1.154.
Smith, Frank J. American Presbyterianism and the Cold War. 6.60.
Smith, Frank J. American Presbyterianism, Geology, and the Days of Creation. 4.3.
Smith, Frank J. and David C. Lachman. Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of John M. Frame and R. J. Gore. 1.116.
Smith, Frank J. Presbyterian Quintessence: The Five ‘Heads’ of Church Government. 5.127.
Smith, Frank J. Review: A Conversation on Denominational Renewal, February 26–28, 2008, Bill Boyd, “Worship,” Matt Brown, “Ecclesiology,” Jeremy Jones, “Theological Reflection.” 4.251.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Blogroll: Andrew J. Webb, Building Old School Presbyterian Churches; Jeffrey J. Meyers, Corrigenda Denuo; Sean Michael Lucas, Sean Michael Lucas; R. Scott Clark, The Heidelblog; Will Shin, Thoughts & Actions. 4.249.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Cory Griess, “The Regulative Principle: A Confessional Examination,” Protestant Reformed Theological Journal. 4.248.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Dominic A. Aquila, “Redemptive History and the Regulative Principle of Worship,” in The Hope Fulfilled: Essays in Honor of O. Palmer Robertson. 4.244.
Smith, Frank J. Review: John M. Frame, “The Second Commandment: Regulating Worship,” in The Doctrine of the Christian Life: A Theology of Lordship. 4.233.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Mark Dalbey, “Christian Worship,” Online Course Lectures, Covenant Theological Seminary. 4.248.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Paxson H. Jeancake, The Art of Worship: Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty of the Gospel. 4.230.
Smith, Frank J. Review: R. C. Sproul, Truths We Confess: A Layman’s Guide to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Volume 2: Salvation and the Christian Life and A Taste of Heaven: Worship in the Light of Eternity. 4.240.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Reggie M. Kidd, With One Voice: Discovering Christ’s Song in Our Worship. 4.227.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Richard A. Muller and Rowland S. Ward, Scripture and Worship: Biblical Interpretation and the Directory for Public Worship. 4.239.
Smith, Frank J. Review: Robert L. Dickie, What the Bible Teaches About Worship. 4.238.
Smith, Frank J. Review: W. L. Bredenhof, “A Guide to Reformed Worship,” ten articles in The Clarion. 4.247.
Smith, Frank J. with Chris Coldwell. The Regulative Principle of Worship: Sixty Years in Reformed Literature. Part One (1946–1999). 2.89.
Smith, Frank J. with Chris Coldwell. The Regulative Principle of Worship: Sixty Years in Reformed Literature. Part Two (2000–2007). 3.155.
Sparkman, Wayne. Samuel Miller, D. D. (1769–1850) An Annotated Bibliography. 1.11.
Sparkman, Wayne. The Rev. Dr. Alexander M’Leod, An Annotated Bibliography With Extracts from his Diaries. 3.231.
Stanton, Allen. 1812–1822: The Development of Princeton’s Polemic. 7.65.
Stanton, Allen. The Theological Climate of the Early Nineteenth Century and the Founding of a Polemical Seminary at Princeton. 6.22.
Steward, Gary. The Calvinistic Soteriology of Jonathan Dickinson. 7.77.
Strange, Alan. Affirmation of the Imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ at the Westminster Assembly of Divines. 4.194.
Strange, Alan. Review: D. G. Hart, John Williamson Nevin: High-Church Calvinist. 3.256.
Swords, T. & J. In Brief: Transcription of a Letter from T. & J. Swords. 2.205.
Tipton, Lane G. The Presence of Divine Persons: Extending the Incarnational Analogy to Impeccability and Inerrancy. 6.196.
Van Drunen, David. Pictures of Jesus and the Sovereignty of Divine Revelation: Recent Literature and a Defense of the Confessional Reformed View. 5.214.
Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Review: Response to James Dolezal: “On the Scope and Scopus of ‘Always Reforming.’” 7. 172.
Venema, Cornelis P. Review: A Response to the Coppes-Gallant Exchange Regarding Paedocommunion. 3.235.
Venema, Cornelis P. Review: Reply [to Tim Gallant]. 3.247.
Wadding, Jeffrey C. On the Shoulders of Giants: Van Til’s Appropriation of Warfield
and Kuyper. 7.139.
Waddington, Jeff. Review: J. Todd Billings, Union with Christ: A Doctrine in Contention; Michael Horton, Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ; Mark A. Garcia, Life in Christ: Union with Christ and the Twofold Grace in Calvin’s Theology. 5.256
Waddington, Jeffrey C. Must We Believe? Jonathan Edwards and Conscious Faith in Christ. 6.11.
Waddington, Jeffrey C. Review: Richard C. Gamble, The Whole Counsel of God: Vol. 1, God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament. 6.234.
Walker, James. In Brief: James Walker’s Assessment of Samuel Rutherford. 5.126.
Ward, Rowland S. [Orthodox Presbyterian Church], Justification Report of the Committee to Study the Doctrine of Justification. 3.265.
Ward, Rowland S. Review: Lewis Bevens Schenck, The Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant. 2.181.
Ward, Rowland S. Review: Robert Letham, The Westminster Assembly: Reading its Theology in Historical Context. 6.219.
Ward, Rowland S. Review: Stephen Westerholm, Perspectives Old And New On Paul: The ‘Lutheran’ Paul And His Critics. 1.151.
Ward, Rowland S. The Basis and Practice of Christian Mission to Jews 1520–1860. 7.99
Waters, Guy Prentiss. Covenant Theology and Recent Interpretation of Paul: Some Reflections. 6.167.
Waters, Guy Prentiss. Review: Harold W. Hoehner, Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary. 5.286
Waters, Guy Prentiss. Review: Reply to John V. Fesko, Review of Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul. 2.187.
Waugh, Barry. An Appeal to the Young Men of the Presbyterian Church by George Howe (1802–1883). 4.52.
Waugh, Barry. An Introduction to T. V. Moore through his Essay on Juvenile Delinquency. 7.87.
Waugh, Barry. The Ministerial Shortage Problem in Presbyterian History & George Howe’s Appeal for More Ministers. 4.43.
Webb, Andrew J. Review: Robert Traill, Justification Vindicated. 1.158.
White, J. Wesley. Review: J. Mark Beach. Christ and the Covenant: Francis Turretin’s Federal Theology as a Defense of the Doctrine of Grace. 4.210.
White, J. Wesley. The Denial of the Imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ: Piscator on Justification. 3.147.
White, Wes. Review: Willem J. Van Asselt, et al., Scholastic Discourse: Johannes Maccovius (1588–1644) on Theological and Philosophical Distinctions and Rules. 7.183.
Willborn, C. N. Eschatology and the Westminster Standards. 4.171.
Willborn, C. N. Presbyterians in the South and the Slave: A Study in Benevolence. 3.216.
Willborn, C. N. Review: Sean Michael Lucas, Robert Lewis Dabney: A Southern Presbyterian Life. 2.172.
Willborn, C. N. Review: T. V. Moore, The Last Days of Jesus. 7.185.
Willborn, C. N. The Deacon: A Divine Right Office with Divine Uses. 5.185.
Willborn, C. N. The Ministerial and Declarative Powers of the Church and In Thesi Deliverances. 1.94.
Winzer, Matthew. Review: Nick Needham, “Westminster and Worship: Psalms, Hymns? and Musical Instruments?” in The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, volume 2, ed. J. Ligon Duncan. 4.253.
Winzer, Matthew. The True History of Paedo-Communion. 3.27.
Winzer, Matthew. The Westminster Assembly & the Judicial Law: A Chronological Compilation and Analysis. Part Two: Analysis. 5.56.
Wright, Iain. John Knox and the Reformation by the Rev. Dr. James Begg. 7.25.
Zaspel, Fred G. B. B. Warfield on Creation and Evolution. 6.50.
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This makes a very thoughtful gift for bookwormish pastors, and a copy donated to your church library would help get some quality material in front of a wider audience, encouraging people to realize that they too can read historical theology (I know the journal contains more than that, but that is a fairly obvious note it strikes).


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Chris I received my first copy of the Confessional Presbyterian Volume 7 a few weeks ago. I love the journal. I am bringing it to my adult Sunday school class because of the article by Glen Clary on Holy Communion in the Theology of John Knox. Our Sunday school class will be discussing what we believe as Presbyterians regarding the Lords Supper.

I would like to purchase vols 1-6 can I get a special price on that? Or do I need to purchase all 7vols. I have vol 7. Also when will vol 8 be out?

I believe the journal has helped me to understand further who I am as a reformed protestant and a Presbyterian.
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