Seven Precursors of Trials and Sufferings

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In his work entitled, "Preparations for Sufferings or the Best Work in the Worst Times," John Flavel notes from scripture seven ways God admonishes "the world, and especially his own people, of great trials and sufferings before-hand." I have included a summary of the seven points below. You can read the entire work here. It is fairly sobering and may give us an idea of where we are headed as churches and nations.
First, The great corruption of God's worship among them kindled his wrath, and hastened their ruin, Psal. cvi. 39,40,41,42.
Secondly, Incorrigible obstinancy and impenitency, under gentler strokes and lesser judgments, make way for utter ruin and desolation, Amos iv. from the 6th to the 12th verse.
Thirdly, Stupidity and senselessness of God's hand, and the tokens of his anger, were provoking causes and forerunners of their national desolation
Fourthly, The persecution of God's faithful ministers and people were another sin that procured, and a sign that foretold the destruction of their nation, 2 Chron. xxxvi. 15, 16.
Fifthly, The removal of godly and useful men by death, in more than ordinary haste, was to them a sign of desolation at hand. Isa. lvii. 1.
Sixthly, The general decay of the life and power of godliness among them that were left, foreboded destruction at the door: this is both a provoking sin, and a fore-running sign of national calamity. Hos. iv. 18.
Seventhly, To conclude: Mutual animosities, jars, and divisions, were to them manifest symptoms of national calamities and desolations: for them Ephraim envied Judah, and Judah vexed Ephraim, Isa. xi. 13. Hos. ix. 7.

When such symptoms of God's indignation do appear upon any people, the Lord, by them, as by so many glazing meteors and blazing comets, forewarns the world that his judgments are near, even at the door. These signs all men ought to observe, and behold with trembling.


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Thank you. Timely for me as I have been deep in Isaiah for the past few months and noted many of these factors.
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