Should I get: Bunyan, Clarkson, or Swinnock?

Which set should I get?

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I suspect that the support for Bunyan will continue strong. I found an abridged copy of a collection of his works and it is great theologically. It speaks to mind and heart. I don't see how you could go to wrong with reading more Bunyan.

That said, I am less familiar with the other choices, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


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I voted Bunyan and would highly recommend the old Baker book set of his works that I have. Why not access the available online resources and review each of the authors. That should help in making a decision.


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In this situation, I would go with Swinnock. You apparently have money for the most expensive set now, but in the future you might not. Also, it seems like the set most likely to go out of print and be difficult to obtain in the future. Finally, Swinnock is splendid. For style, of course he's no native genius like Bunyan, but there is a sharp definition to his prose which is quite pleasurable, and I don't see how he could fail to be profitable.
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