Should we "Take back Christmas for Christ?"

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A friend of mine once told me that he heard a Roman Catholic Priest say that he rejoices in the fact that at least once a year, the Church around the world recognizes her roots to the True Church (i.e. Rome) by celebrating the Christ-mass season with her. Ouch!:(

I have heard many Catholics say this same things with a snide look on their face. They know that Christmas is just a road back to Rome, and that Rome is just a road back to Paganism... which makes her antichrist. I have heard Catholics admit this and not care... sick.

let us not forget that Anti-Christ does not mean OPPOSITE of Christ.. it is PSEUDOCHRISTOS...FALSE Christ.



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Have you seen the "Futurama" episode that explained how in the future Christmas is simply called X-Mas and no one knows the origin of the holiday and it is a night of fear because a robotic Santabot was programmed centuries ago to perform the gift giving duties of Santa Claus but went short circuit and now comes out to beat people up and terrorize them on X-Mas eve instead:lol: It was pretty funny.


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If I lived in a christian culture... I would debate with the "broader ( in my example christian) world" about the proper way to celebrate the nativity of our Lord. Or even about its proper date.

However I do not live in that world. I live in this one.

Today I saw and spoke to the following; several "nominal" christians, several evangelicals, 2 eastern orthodox christians (incl. 1 priest), 1 self professed "witch", 2 Hindus, 1 Druze, many Roman Catholics, 8 or 10 Presbyterians (including one RE & one TE).

This was a typical Saturday for me in the "real world' (i.e. not on-line). These are all people I know by name and interact with on a regular basis.

If I lived in an on-line debate club, or in a "imaginary" version of a historical period (i.e. I do not exist in this time period, however I pretend that I do) then I *might* be convinced by all of the arguements posted above.

However in the world that I inhabit Christmas, Advent, Easter, etc., all provide actual, real life opportunities to share Christ.

THIS YEAR, I have spoken about Christ to a Hundu (he is on my Christmas card list), 2 Druze, and a "witch". All of this before the first Sunday in Advent!

So YES let us take back Christmas for Christ. And Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday, and...

God has given us this great gift; one time of the year when everyone is talking (haltingly & often in gibberish) about him!

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