Some Developments in My Life

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De Jager

Puritan Board Sophomore
Hi all,

I have been on this board for about 2 years now. I haven't posted much recently but I just wanted to share some joyous recent developments with y'all.

On May 6, we welcomed our firstborn into the world, a little girl named Hannah Christine. We love her and she is precious.

Secondly, we are in the process of joining our local URC congregation. I had been in the CRC for a while but couldn't stomach how things were with the denomination. We are excited to be joining a faithful, confessionally reformed federation.


When you’re riding high in this world, remember that in a moment the Lord may bring trials you never could have imagined. I say that to encourage you to double-down in every spiritual effort; to hold the blessings of this life loosely; and to admonish you to remember the absolute mercy and grace of the Lord upon you every single day. Praise the Lord for your blessings!
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