Sons of Korah - New Album and Tour

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I have just received an e-mail about Sons of Korah. They have an album that was released late last year, Fractures, and will be doing a tour in the Midwest.

September 28 - October 7
Dear friend,

Thanks so much for your support of our ministry. It was great to have you at one of our concert events in the USA Midwest at some time over the last few years and so we wanted you to be one of the first to know that we will be coming back to the Midwest for a series of concerts later this year.

September 28 Delafield WI
September 30 Fort Wayne IN
October 3 Peoria IL
October 4 Sharpsville IN
October 5 Wheaton IL
October 7 Zion IL

Last year Sons of Korah released our 8th studio album - Fractures. We're looking forward to sharing our new collection of Psalms from this new album along with some of our old favourites.

Click below to find out more about these concert events or to purchase tickets.

Hope we see you there.
Sons of Korah
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